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Troubleshooting PC - Step by Step Solutions


1.) ky- not in user name. Retype user name and retry to connect
2.) or is not at end of your username Retype username and retry to connect
3.) Misspelled password -- Retype Password and retry to connect
4.) Dialing wrong telephone number. (home phone where dial number should be) Retype phone number and retry to connect
5.) Call waiting not disabled ------ Click dial properties -- Place check in box beside to disable call waiting
Click drop down box at right and place *70 in box
Click apply
Click OK
6.) Phone cord plugged in to wrong line on computer Make sure telephone cord is plugged into correct slot on computer modem
7.) Setting up a new connection. The shortcut still has the old Information in it. Delete shortcut on desktop (to delete shortcut, right click on shortcut,and scroll down to delete, left click on delete)
Click my computer
Click networking
Drag ispky shortcut to desktop
8.) No dial tone ? -- Check telephone line, Take out splitter if online to computer Shut down computer and restart
Unplug telephone line and wait 30 seconds, plug line back in, and try to connect before you get a recording.
9.) Could have a bad modem. Contact Ispky for info. This can be repaired at ISPKY


Deleting Temporary Internet Files


1. Click start ------------------------------------
2. Click control panel ---------------------------
3. Click on Network and Internet Connections-
(if you are using the category view)
4. Click on Internet Options under the Pick----
a Control Panel Option Icon.
5. Scroll down until you see Temporary Internet
Files, Click Delete Files, (at this point
you can also delete all your off-line
Temporary Internet Files. A new menu box will
appear, Click on delete all offline content.
Click Ok.)

6. Close Control Panel. Resume using your computer.

XP Control Panel in Classic View

1. Click start------------------------------------
2. Click control Panel---------------------------
3. Double click Internet Options---------------
4. Look for Temporary Internet Files----------
5. Click Delete files (at this point you can also
delete all your off-line Temporary Internet Files.
A new menu box will appear click on delete
all offline content. Click Ok.)
6. Close Control Panel. Resume using your computer.

If you don't like the Category View for your
Control Panel, You can change it by finding
(on the top lefthand side of your Control Panel
Box) Control Panel View. Click on switch to
Classic View. This will show your control panel
in the icon form not the category form.


Windows XP
Defragging Your Computer

1. Click start-------------
2. Click my computer----
3. Right click on c:drive-
4. Left click properties--
5. Left click tools--------
6. Click defragment now

Windows 95 and 98
Defragging Your Computer

1. Click start-------------------------------
2. Go to programs-------------------------
3. Go to accessories-----------------------
4. Go to system tools----------------------
5. Go to disk defragmenter----------------
6. Click OK----------------------------------
7. It will go to 10% & pause this is normal
8. Click yes---------------------------------
If defrag starts over 10 times it will stop. Try to
disable screen saver or running defrag in safe mode.



1.) Box pops up asking for user name and password.
ky- in account name or misspelled user name or password
Open outlook express a box will pop up asking for user name and password
Retype E-mail address and password

To reset user name and password:
A.) Click tools----------
B.) Click accounts------
C.) Click
D.) Click properties----
E.) Click server or network in winme
F.) In account name type just the account name
only don’t add ky- or, or
G.) Retype password--
H.) Click apply----------
I.) Click OK-------------
J.) Click close-----------
K.) Click send/recv----

2.) --IF-- After receiving email an error pops up -
Host - could not be found.
Most of the time it is because you have lost your
connection. First , check the bottom right
corner on the task bar to see if you are
still connected. If not, Do This:
A.) Click tools----------
B.) Click options-------
C.) Click connections--
D.) Click apply---------
E.) If there is a check mark in the box beside
F.) Take it out by Clicking the box

3.) You get incoming mail but outgoing mail does
not go out - Do This:
A.) Click tools----------
B.) Click accounts------
C.) Click
D.) Click properties----
E.) Click server or network in winme
F.) In box beside outgoing(SMTP) type
G.) Click apply---------
H.) Click OK------------
I.) Click close---------
J.) Click send/recv button

4.) A box pops up asking you to hang up and
reconnect to another account. Do This:
A.) Click tools-----------
B.) Click accounts------
C.) Click
D.) Click properties----
E.) Click connection---
F.) If you don’t have 2 accounts then take out
the check mark beside ALWAYS CONNECT USING
THIS ACCOUNT and go to step H.) If you do
have 2 then place a check mark in box.
G.) Then in the drop down box click on
or which ever the one that works if more than
one in box try all until one works.
H.) Click apply-------
I.) Click OK----------
J.) Click close-------
K.) Click send/recv-
L.) Repeat if not the right connection


Common Reasons for Connection Errors, Details


DISCONNECTS: The most common problems of disconnects can be many things. Too many programs running or not enough memory or when making a new connection. Go to dial up networking right click on, left click properties - left click sever type - make sure the only two checked boxes are enable software compression and tcp/ip is checked, remove all others. If that does not work go to internet options in control panel, delete temporary internet files & defrag your computer.

Computer tries to connect and then disconnects before you see verifying user name and password:

Under the connect to box under phone number check to see if the number being dialed is correct and not your home phone number. If you have call waiting, you must disable it by left clicking on dial properties click the check box beside disable call waiting then click drop down box on right hand side and click on *70 or 70#. Also check phone line to make sure it is plugged into modems line inside and the box on wall.

Error 602 - The port is already open-----------
Error 618 - The port is not open---------------
The two errors above are usually a modem problem. Restart windows and try again. If that does not resolve the error, go to control panel click modem, click diagnostic, click com that modem is on, click more info, a box with at1 code should pop up.

Error 629 - You have been disconnected from the computer you dialed. Do This: Double-click the connection to try again. This might be that our server has reset after four hours because some of our customers have forgot to disconnect their internet and could not receive incoming calls. If you click the minimize button at the top right corner in your internet explorer and reconnect then youcan resume where you left off.

Error 630 - The computer is not receiving a response from the modem. Do This: Check that the modem is plugged in, and if necessary,turn the modem off, and then turn it back on.Try disconnecting telephone line from modem after a few second. Reconnect it and as quick as you can.Try the connection again. If it connects, disconnect and try again. If you get an error then your modem might be bad.

When you try to start Dial-Up Networking,you receive the following error message:Communication port is invalid or busy. Do This:This error message can occur if the modem is using a newly detected serial port installed by Windows 98 hardware detection.If this is the case, change the properties of the Dial-Up Networking connection to use the new modem settings.

This behavior can also occur if you have the Support SerialKey devices Accessibility option configured to use the COM port to which your modem is connected. To resolve this:Click Start > Settings > Control Panel, and then double-click Accessibility Options On the General tab, either:Click to clear the Support Serial Key devices check box --or-- Click Settings, click a different COM port in the Serial port box, and then click OK

Error 633 - The modem is not installed or configured for Dial-Up Networking. When you try to start Dial-Up Networking,you receive the above error message. Try This:To check your modem configuration, double click the Modems icon in Control Panel.This error message can occur if the Telephon.ini file is missing or damaged. To resolve this issue,please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles:Error! Bookmark not defined. (Error Message: The Modem Is Not Installed or Configured for...)Error! Bookmark not defined.(How to Rebuild the TELEPHON.INI File)

Error 645 - Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server.When you try to connect with Dial-Up Networking (DUN),you may receive the above error message: This is usually caused if the Require Encrypted Password option is enabled on the Server Types tabin the connection's properties. Here's how to fix this:
1. Select Start > Programs > Accessories >Communications > Dial-Up Networking
2. Right-click your connection, and chooseProperties
3. Select the Server Types tab, click to clear the Require encrypted password check box and Click OK.

Error 650 - The Remote Access server not responding When you try to connect, you receive the following error message:Modem not responding (Error 650).For troubleshooting information, click Help.One workaround suggests enabling a post terminal window. Here's how: Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications >Dial-Up Networking. Right-click your connection,and choose Properties. On the General tab, click the Configure button. Select the Options tab. Place a check-mark in bring up terminal window after dialing. Just press continue when the post terminal window pops up after you connect.

Another 650 error:The computer you have dialed does not respond to a network request. You can get this occasionally when your ISP is busy, and they don't have a free I.P. address to assign to you.

If you are still having problems, Try This: Although it says that it applies to The Microsoft Network version 2.52, try the solution from Microsofts KnowledgeBase Article Error! Bookmark not defined..The computer you have dialed does not respond to a network request. This means that you have no winsocks or they are corrupt. Reinstall Communications, this fixes the problem 50% of the time, but sometimes does not reinstall wsock32.dll (40kb). In that case, you will get error 645. If you still get 645 or 650 manually extract files or call Microsoft.

Error 666 - Your modem (or other connecting device)is not functioning --- Replace modem!

Error 676 - The line is busy The line is busy. Try unplugging the phone line and then plugging the line back up.Try Again Later. Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Windows 98. Check all settings; check for dial-tone and for correct phone number. Try to re-connect.

Error 678 - There is no answer.The computer you are dialing is not answering please try again later. The most common cause for this is you are not dialing the right number, or your area had 10-digit dialing and you need to include that in the number. If that is not the problem, update your modem driver, and call your modem manufacturer and get an init string. If you are still having problems, reinstall your modem,and call your ISP.

Error 680 - The is no dial-tone First check to see if phone line is plugged into modem and wall.No dial tone? Here are a couple of things to try:1. Put comas in front of phone number.--------2. Do you have voice mail? Get your messages.3. Disable the wait for dial-tone.----------------4. Switch the phone cord connected to the Modem.

Error 691 - Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain. (check your password).The computer you are dialing in to cannot establish a Dial-Up Networking connection. Check your password, and then try again. This is usually a password error. Retype your UID and your password and try again. This is usually a password error. Retype your UID and your password and try again.If this problem persists, contact your ISP.


One reason for connection problems is a bad modem. Ways to check the modem are as follows:Click on start Go to settingsClick on control panel Double click on modem Click on diagnostics Click on the Com (port) that has the modem name Click more info In a few seconds a box with AT1 codes should pop up This will tell if the computer can communicate withthe modem. Other solutions are below.If there is a pop up box that says port open or not found try changing to another Com port.Click OK > Click the general tab > Click name of modem Click properties Click the drop down box to change Com and repeat steps above If you can not change Com port try removing the modem driver and reinstalling it For a list of error codes go to: