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Set up instructions for Windows 98/ME:

1. Double click on 'My Computer' from your desktop.
2. Double click on 'Dial-up Networking' (For ME Click on Control Console and then Dial-up Networking).
3.Double click on 'Make a New Connection'.
4. A box will appear that says 'type in the name of the computer you are dialing'. Type in ISPKY.COM then click next.
5. In the box the says, 'type the phone number for the computer you want to call' you need to skip over the area code, by pushing the TAB button, then enter the dial-up access number provided. Make sure that there are no dashes in this local number, click next.
6. In the next screen just click 'Finish'. A new icon will appear in dial up networking called 'ISPKY.COM'.
7. Put your mouse pointer over the new ISPKY.COM icon and right click your mouse button one time. Scroll down to properties then left click one time. A box will appear that says 'ISPKY.COM' with tabs across the top. In the 'General Tab' double check the phone number you have entered from step 5 to make sure it is correct. Now click on the 'Server Type' tab. On the left side of this box there will be a number of small boxes with checks in them. The only two boxes that need to be checked are 'enable software compression' and 'TCP/IP'. Uncheck any other boxes that have checks in them, click 'OK'.
8. Put your mouse pointer on the ISPKY.COM icon and right click one time. Select 'Create a shortcut', left click, the click Yes. This will place a shortcut icon on your desktop.
9. Double click on the ISPKY.COM shortcut on your desktop.
10. Enter in your user name, tab down to password, then enter your password in lower case, click connect.

YOUR USER NAME:     PASSWORD:_______________________________

NOTE: is only one realm that may be used depending on your specific account.  You will be provided with your particular realm information when you sign-up for service.

ISPKY.Com uses a web-based / browser-based e-mail service that can be accessed directly from our web site or by going to .  Click on the ISPKY.Com e-mail link.  At this screen enter your entire e-mail address and password and click "Logon".

If you utilize a third party mail client you will have to set it up to send and receive e-mail.  The most popular client is Microsoft Outlook Express.  The following procedures will help you in setting up Outlook Express for e-mail service with ISPKY.  If you use a different client such as Netscape or Eudora follow their instructions but use the server and account settings below.

Outlook Express E-MAIL SET UP:

1. Open your outlook express and go to 'tools' at the top of the screen. Then click on 'accounts'.
2. A box should appear that has 4 tabs across the top. Make sure that the mail tab is the one facing front.
3. On the right side of this box you will click 'Add' then 'Mail' and follow the on screen instructions. (the name to which you refer to this account is:
4. Your Server is a POP3 server.
5. Your incoming Mail Server is:
6. Your outgoing Mail Server is:
7. Your Account Name is your E-mail Address   <name>
8. Your Password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as provided by the office.
9. Click OK or APPLY at the bottom of box.

YOUR E-MAIL     PASSWORD:_______________

If you have any problems please contact Technical Support, Toll Free, 24/7:  1-866-299-0678


1. Click on easy internet sign-up, click next
2. Click on 'I will set-up my own internet account'.
3. Click on 'No please take me directly to Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard'. When you see welcome to the new connection wizard click on next
4. Click on circle next to connect to internet, click on next
5. Click on circle next to set up my connection manually, click next
6. Click on circle next to connect using a dial-up modem, click next
7. Type, click next
8. Type the dial up number _________________make sure there are no dashes in the local number then click next.
9. Type
type _______________________in the password line.
re-type__________________in the confirm password line, click next.
10. Click box by add shortcut to this connection to my desktop, click finish.
11. Double click on
12. Click properties
13. Click networking
14. Make sure that TCP/IP, QOS and client for microsoft network are all checked.then click ok.
15. Make sure user name is correct and tab down to password then enter your password in lower case and click connect.


1. Click programs, click Outlook Express.
2. Click tools at top of screen then click accounts.
3. A box will appear that has 4 tabs across the top.
Make sure that the mail tab is one facing front.
4. On the right side of this box click 'add' then 'mail'.
5. Type in the your name in display name, click next.
6. Type in, click next.
7. Your server is a pop3 server.
8. Your incoming mail server:
9. Your outgoing mail server:, click next
10. Type in account name.
11. Type _______________________in password, click next
12. Click finish.
13. If you have any problems call our 24 hour toll free tech support no. at 1-800-768-6919.