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Internet Access Plans

ISPKY.COM is dedicated to serving the United States  with the fastest access to the Internet, along with the best service and equipment available.

Unlimited service is available in many  areas.  Just check the network listing for availability or call us for details.

No matter when you have access to the Internet, you always have access to ISPKY.COM. You can contact our experts to receive technical support or to find answers to your Internet-related questions. In addition to outstanding service and support, ISPKY.COM offers the newest, most advanced Technology available, providing you with faster entry to key points on the World Wide Web, as well as more options once you get there.

*Please Note: All Plans require a One Time $11.00 Set Up Fee, which is Added to your First Month Access Fee.

Dial-Up Access Plans

* Prices are subject to change. We will do our best to keep this page updated so that it contains the most accurate information.   Please call for an exact quote.

** Unlimited access means that your access hours are not monitored and there are no restrictions on the number of logons or the network location used to obtain access.  The system may break a connection after a reasonable period of idle connection time. 

ISPKY - Your Best Internet Service Provider to the World

ISPKY - Your Best Internet Service Provider to the World